Front Best Bedroom


Front bedroom

Dylan was born in this room which overlooked Cwmdonkin Park. Although it was not his parent's bedroom it was the 'best' room upstairs and was therefore the only room suitable for someone outside of the family to see.

When 21st century eyes look at this large room they will see an orderly, clutter free but elegant bedroom in which the double bed takes centre stage. For many visitors it conjures up images from childhood, a memory of a parent or grandparent's bedroom where 'everything had a place and there was a place for everything'. People remember that it was in this orderly room that the warmest and cosiest bed seemed to be and into which they were sometimes allowed to climb.

'… the memories of childhood have no order and no end….'

When early 20th century eyes looked at this room they were not looking for 'warmest or cosiest', they would have looked for appropriate décor, furnishings and bed linen.

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