Outside Front

5 Cwmdonkin Drive is an historically listed house.

When we took the lease, there was a plaque on the wall which read 'Dylan Thomas; POET; was born in this house' the plaque was donated by TWW, a television company in which Wynford Vaughan Thomas was connected. When the company later became HTV (Harlech Television), Richard Burton (who was a Dylan Thomas fan) and Elizabeth Taylor became directors. The old plaque now lives in the washroom in the back garden.

We had a new plaque made for Dylan. The glaze colour is 'London Blue' which is apt because Dylan never settled in London and frequently came home to Swansea. We describe him as 'A man of words' as we believe that the word Poet restricts acknowledgement of his talent as a wordsmith. 'I'd fallen in love with words I cared for the colour they cast'

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